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UNIVERGE SV8100 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

UNIVERGE SV8100 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Assembles the call-routing advantages of NEC's contact center solutions and extends them across several networked ACD sites.

By helping balance the workload generated by incoming calls across multiple locations, Network ACD helps boost the productivity of agents and increase the satisfaction of customers.


Network ACD can use private or public facilities to queue, route and reroute calls for multiple switches and contact centers within one private site or for multiple contact center sites in different locations.


Equipped with Network ACD:


  • Callers can access agents more quickly, easily and efficiently
  • Managers can make the most of their resources across multiple locations
  • Managers can operate multiple contact centers more consistently
  • Contact centers can use software-based licensing to add Network ACD to any seat size
  • Managers can expand Network ACD up to 50 nodes/sites
  • Users can customize their real-time screen based on their preferences

With Network ACD, the entire operations of the system benefits from the queuing and routing efficiencies of smaller contact centers without limitations in size. In fact, Network ACD can support networked groups and agent positions.


Also, Network ACD’s relational database supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). So, a contact center manager can easily integrate Network ACD’s database with other databases and applications.


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