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Unified Messaging for Hospitality

Unified Messaging for Hospitality

UNIVERGE UM4730/UM8000 Hospitality feature set is NEC's complete messaging solution for the hotel/motel industry.

Designed specifically for the UNIVERGE® UM4730 and UM8000 unified messaging solutions, it offers customized features that satisfy the messaging needs of both guests and staff.


UM4730/UM8000 Hospitality package combines several communications features into a state-of-the-art system that will help improve guest services and enhance staff effectiveness and efficiency. It easily integrates with more than 60 property management systems to provide the flexibility needed for hospitality properties.


Personalized Guest Messaging


UM4730/UM8000 Hospitality package provides personalized guest messaging in every room. This empowers a property to offer top-tier guest services, and automate time-consuming tasks, without sacrificing the personal touch.


Guests can:


  • receive calls or check messages anytime, a critical feature for international travelers
  • access multilingual guest prompts that enable guests to choose the language callers will hear when prompted to leave a message
  • leave or retrieve messages by responding to simple yes or no questions
  • reach an operator any time just by pressing "0"

Guest Directory/Wake-Up Service/Travel Information Access


With UM4730/UM8000 Hospitality's guest directory feature:


  • Callers can contact hotel guests, or leave them messages, without going through an operator (switchboard bottlenecks no longer delay incoming calls and operators are free to give personal assistance to those who need it)
  • Guests can set, change and confirm their own wake-up call
    (staff can devote more time to guest services)
  • Operators can program the system to make wake-up calls earlier if the number of guests asking for the same wake-up time exceeds the number of ports in the system
    (for example, guests who asked for a 7:00 am wake-up call receive it at 6:50 am or 6:55 am)
  • Staff can review wake-up - call reports to pinpoint any unanswered calls
    (this can reduce hotel liability and allow for personal follow-ups)
  • Guests can use a phone 24 hours a day to access information about restaurant hours, airport shuttles, etc.
    (a property can also use those information lines to generate revenue through sponsorships from local businesses)

Improved Staff Efficiency with Unified Messaging


UM4730/UM8000 Hospitality package also improves internal communications, making an entire facility run more smoothly:


  • Employees working different schedules can leave each other detailed messages so guest services aren't interrupted with a shift change
  • Mobile personnel (housekeeping, maintenance and room service) can receive/retrieve messages from any location
  • Special mailboxes can be established that help communicate more efficiently with vendors and important clients
  • Staff members can use their desktop in-boxes to quickly and accurately collect and distribute faxes, e-mails, and voice messages

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