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Expense Management

Expense Management

Stay on top of costs associated with the network regardless of organization size or industry.

In today's business climate, it is more critical than ever that communications systems operate as cost-effectively as possible. NEC's Expense Management solution can help manage enterprise communications costs, boost team visibility and maximize staff resources.


Key modules within  Expense Management are:


  • Invoice and Bill Management
  • Payment and Allocation
  • Chargeback and Allocation Reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Help Desk
  • Budget Management and Dispute Resolution

Expense Management compares all invoice data against contract agreements with service providers.  Through use, real device usage, online inventory and additional equipment and services can be analyzed.  Set parameters to ensure information is consistent and includes the most up-to-date information about invoice dates, statuses and line-item details.


Expense Management can also be programmed to send notifications to external invoicing systems and provide baseline communications usage data.


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