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IPv6-Adapter (IP6-L)

IPv6-Adapter (IP6-L)

NEC's IPv6-ADAPTER (IP6-L) allows connection from existing UNIVERGE® IP Desktop Telephones to an IPv6 only network while preserving existing underlying network.

With the evolution of the Internet, an escalating demand for IP addresses has created the need for a new protocol. A protocol that is more robust, allows for an exponentially greater number of IP addresses, provides a better Quality of Service (QOS) and is more secure. This new protocol is IPv6.


With this new protocol comes the need for interoperability solutions since most businesses are using IPv4 for their existing technology. The IPv6 Adapter provides a seamless transition from one protocol to another and allows utilization of an IPv6 network.


The IPv6-ADAPTER also:


  • Provides secure remote Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity over public IPv4 or IPv6 networks
  • Allows government agencies to meet Federal directives
  • Readies organizations for global deployment of IPv6 and enables interoperability with current and future UC applications
  • Protects investment in existing IPv4 Terminals

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