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Analyze call traffic
Use Communications Analyst’s Traffic Analysis features to reduce costs and increase revenue by enabling your business to efficiently allocate resources, eliminate excess trunk capacity and increase productivity.

Access reports from anywhere
Web reporting enables users to access reporting data from anywhere using just a web browser and internet access.

Measure campaign response
Campaign Manager tracks and measures response to specific campaigns by associating their performance with specified call traffic. It provides information about the number of calls a campaign generates and helps companies optimize their marketing budgets.

Receive instant notification of emergencies and fraudulent activity
Security Alert detects defined emergency and/or fraudulent calling patterns and generates alerts via email, pager or screen pop when the defined criteria are met. The resulting increased security prevents phone abuse and unauthorized calls while helping maintain a safe environment.

With its seamless integration with NEC’s E911 Security Notification, it provides comprehensive reporting of 911 calls. Details of 911 calls are managed and stored for future reference.

Provide accurate billing and proof of calls
Client Matter associates group contacts with specific projects and generates billing reports for all calls made to and from these contacts for the associated project. Using this feature and its reports, businesses can ensure that they are providing precise customer billing and that they have proof of all calls billed.

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